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At Branch to Root Wellness Center we assist people in releasing stress and pain to facilitate whole body healing. It is our greatest wish that each of you experiences harmony of the whole body system.


Kara McAllister, LMT, Sole Proprietor

Kara McAllister graduated from Spa Tech Institute in January of 2012, after a lifelong interest in holistic health. She believes massage is an important tool in achieving an overall sense of well-being. During each session, Kara’s goal is to lead her client into a deep state of relaxation, both physically and mentally. Through mindful communication and her natural ability to read one’s body, she tailors each session based on her client’s needs.


She looks forward to meeting with you and is thrilled for the opportunity to help you achieve an optimal state of mind and health.


Alycia Steele, LMT

Alycia graduated from Spirit Wellness Institute in 2018. She has completed various other trainings as well, including Level 1 JivAtma Energy Healing through Jonathan Glass L.Ac., M.Ac., CHT of Healing Essence Center in Concord, MA, and Reiki Levels 1 & 2. Alycia views the body as an entire system that works together as a whole- no part is separate from the rest, and she approaches her bodywork from this perspective. She also believes that the mind and body are not separate- our thoughts and emotions have a direct impact on how our body feels. Through bodywork, we can tap directly into the relaxation response, bringing more peace to both the mind & body, thus allowing the natural, built-in healing systems we are inherently born with to kick in. Alycia incorporates energy work into her massage as well, working on the 3 major bodies: Physical, Mental, and Emotional. Her hope is that every client will leave their session feeling lighter & more connected to themselves than when they first walked through the door. 

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Reiki Energy Work

Reconnect with peace and balance with a Traditional Reiki energy work session. Gentle hands lay over the body and channel universal healing energy to encourage fully integrated healing.

60-min: $95


Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massage

Restore balance and soften the entire being with long gliding strokes that connect in cycles of the firm and gentle pressure to compress and relax muscles.

45-min: $75 | 60-min: $95 | 75-min: $115 | 90-min: $135

Deep Tissue Massage

Focused techniques that target tight muscles and connective tissue are used to reduce pain and discomfort as well as facilitate the release of compensatory holding patterns.

45-min: $75 | 60-min: $95 | 75-min: $115 | 90-min: $135

Prenatal Massage

Designed mindfully to minimize symptoms of discomfort and cater to the needs of a changing body. We create a nurturing environment for your body and your baby.

45-min: $75 | 60-min: $95 | 75-min: $115 | 90-min: $135

Aromatherapy Massage

Bring heaven to your senses. Swedish massage with therapeutic grade aromatherapy infused oils will bring you back to your center while relieving deep muscular tension in the body.

45-min: $79 | 60-min: $99 | 75-min: $119 | 90-min: $139

Thai Yoga Massage

Access the deep energetic pathways of the body through the mediums of a deep stretch, passive movement, and skillful massage to encourage harmony of the whole body system.

Call Alycia at (781) 354-2227 to book

Hot Stone Massage 

Warm up tired, achy muscles with this deeply relaxing session. Flat stones warmed to 120 degrees are placed along the body while rounded stones and heated oil is used to massage tension away.

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